Founding Partners

About the Asia Pacific Golf Federation

The APGC is the representative body for 41 national golf associations throughout Asia-Pacific, operating from its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Golf in the Asia-Pacific region is growing at a considerable rate, and there are approximately 18 million golfers and 4,000 golf courses in the region. The APGC assists member organisations in the development of golf in their respective countries, works to ensure adherence to the Rule of Golf as approved by the R&W and partners with the International Golf Federation in the promotion of golf.


About the Masters Tournament

Inspired by its founders, Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, the Masters Tournament has embraced its obligation and seized opportunities to promote the game since the Tournament inception in 1934. The efforts of the Masters on behalf of the game of golf are aimed to preserve its integrity, celebrate sportsmanship, applaud champions, positively affect people in need through philanthropy, and give all that is possible back to the game. The Masters is focused on providing stewardship for the game, especially for amateur players and youth around the world. For more information, visit


About the R&A

Based in St Andrews, The R&A organises The Open Championship, major amateur events and international matches. Together with the United States Golf Association, The R&A governs the game worldwide, jointly administering the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, Equipment Standards and World Amateur Golf Rankings. The R&A’s working jurisdiction is global, excluding the United States and Mexico. The R&A is committed to working for golf and supports the growth of the game internationally and the development and management of sustainable golf facilities. The R&A operates with the consent of 149 organisations from the amateur and professional game and on behalf of over thirty million golfers in 135 countries. For more information, visit