Qualifying Standards

Qualifying Standards

The 2024 Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship (AAC) will have a field of 120 male players.

The field will be selected as follows:

  1. Past champions will be exempt for a five-year period from the year of their win provided they maintain their amateur status.

  2. From the 2023 Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, the five lowest scorers and anyone tying for fifth, provided they maintain their amateur status.

  3. In addition to the players qualifying above, the top two ranked amateur players from each APGC Member Association, plus the top four ranked players from the host country, as ranked on the World Amateur Rankings (WAGR) as of 25 July 2024, will qualify for the Championship. If there is only one ranked player from a Member Association, that player will be the sole participant from that association. If there are no ranked players from a Member Association, that association may nominate a single player from their association with an established handicap of 5.4 or less, subject to AAC approval, to fill up to one position.

  4. The remainder of the field will be filled by taking the next ranked players from WAGR as of 25 July 2024. The maximum number of players from any APCG Member Association, except the host, will be seven. The maximum number of players from the host country will be 10.

  5. If players from 1 and 2 above do not fall within the WAGR-ranked players allocated from their countries under 3 and 4, these players will be added to the field in addition to the maximum number of eligible players from their APCG Member Association. If, however, they fall within the WAGR-ranked players from their countries who qualify under 3 and 4, their countries will not receive additional invitations.

  6. The AAC Executive Committee reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to invite additional players or withdraw an invitation for any reason including but not limited to disciplinary matters, anti-doping sanctions or based on conduct or behavior exhibited by a player that the Executive Committee determines to be contrary to the best interest of the Championship.

It is the national federation’s responsibility to review and verify the eligibility of their top WAGR-ranked players before 25 July 2024. Federations should notify the Executive Committee before this date if any of the following conditions exist within the ranking:

  • A player’s national indication in WAGR is incorrect or will be changed

  • A player listed for a country is not known to that federation

  • A player listed for a country has turned professional

  • Any other similar circumstance that could alter the federation’s player list

Amateur Status and National Representation

In order to participate in the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, a competitor must meet all three of the following eligibility guidelines:

  1. Amateur Status – Entrants must conform in all respects to the Rules of Amateur Status, as approved by R&A Rules Limited.

  2. Nationality – Each competitor must meet the following nationality requirements in order to represent one of the APGC Member Associations in the Asia-Pacific.

    1. A competitor may represent any country/territory provided he holds a current and valid passport from that country/territory

    2. If a competitor wishes to represent an APGC Member Association recognized country/territory that does not issue its own passport, he must appeal to the Executive Committee of the AAC for inclusion in the Championship.

    3. If a competitor has represented a country/territory in the AAC, in continental or regional games or in world or regional championships recognized by the World Amateur Golf Ranking, he may not represent another country/territory for a period of four years. (Four years must have passed between the final day of the previous competition and the first day of the AAC.)

  3. World Amateur Golf Ranking – If ranked, each competitor must be listed under the country/territory he intends to represent in the World Amateur Golf Ranking.